Here are some free programs I have made that might help you. You can edit, improve, and repost these as much as you like. They are in the public domain unless stated otherwise.

My Github page is at

Complex Number Calculator (source code)

An arbitrary precision calculator that handles complex numbers.

Simple Instant Message (source code)

An online instant messaging program based on the Pidgin chat client. Enter "hey" as the document name. Note: The server admin (ie. me) can read everything!

Significant Figures Calculator (source code)

An easy to use calculator that follows chemistry significant figure rules.

Online Text Editor (source code)

An online text editor that you can host on your website to easily and quickly access your important text documents.

PHP Ratings Plugin

A little ratings plugin that you can include on your website. See the demo below.

PHP Ratings Plugin Demo (source code)

A demonstration for the PHP Ratings Plugin above.

Factoring Integers (source code)

Input any valid js number into the box, and it automatically gets factored.

Continued Fractions (source code)

Converts numbers between the decimal, fraction, and continued fraction forms. "func" lets you define a continued fraction using two js functions.

Javascript Tools Library

A large collection of tools functions that I've developed over years of programming

Perfectly Precise Math Library

The arbitrary precision math library used by my calculator

Fraction to Decimal (source code)

Converts a fraction to repeated decimal form

Percent of Day, Month, Year (source code)

A put-together of js, html, and css that shows what percent of the day, the month, and the year is over.

Cube Root Denesting Table (source code)

A table of cubes of numbers of the form a+sqrt(b)

Simple Progress Bar (source code)

A simple html, css, and js "progress bar". Move your mouse over the bar.

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